Blue Line Art Comic Book Art Boards have been the Industry Standard since 1990. 
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Pro Comic Book Art Boards

Pro Comic Book Art Boards

- Pro Full Trim Comic Book Art Boards / BL1038-10

3-ply Art Boards Full Trim Format (11 x17) with a 15 Ύ x 10 3/8 image border with a 9 x 13 Ύ safe area dotted border area /bagged. Full Trim Pro Comic Book Art Boards add an extra step from its traditional Pro cousin with an extra non-photo blue internal 9 x 13 Ύ border, the same as the with the Strathmore series. This extra proportioned border allows for more freedom and choices when using the board. The border allows the artwork to bleed across so that the final image can be cut down and look fuller. The Pro series has offered thousands of artists the opportunity to begin their careers on pre-printed paper like professional publisher’s use. The Pro series is great for use with pencil and ink (brush recommended) as well as markers, felt-tip pens and acrylics.

(pack of 10 sheets) 11 x 17
Item No.: BL1038-10
Price: $9.95
UPC: 85454900039 3

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